48Indian a limited Indian Motorcycle parts website for the early teens to 1953 Indians. Reproduction to original used parts. Some parts we make or piece together. We have been into the Springfield Indians since 1985. We met many Indian factory employees, most of whom have past on, who were very interesting to listen to when they'd start talking of their working days at the Indian factory. Anything we can help you with feel free to e-mail us.

Distributor L-Bracket For 1936 to 1953 Chief

Price: $10.00 USD
ID: 13A 1936 to 1953 Chief Dist L-Bracket.jpg

The L-bracket is cad plated13A 1936 to 1953 Chief Distri L-Bracket


Carburetor to Manifold Screws For 1936 to 1953 Chief and 1936 to 1942 Sport Scout

Price: $12.00 USD
ID: 14A-Carb-to-Manifold-screws.jpg

3-carburetor to manifold screws. Cad plated14A Carb to Manifold screws


Rear Fender Spring Stand Latch 1926 to 1931 Scout, 1929 to 1939 Chief, 1932 to 1939 Sport Scout and 1929 to 1939 Four

Price: $45.00 USD
ID: Stan latch 115A.jpg

1926 to 1931 Scout and 101 ScoutStand latch 115A, 1929 to 1939 Chief, 1932 to 1939 Sport Scout and 1929 to 1939 Four

Rear Fender

1936 to 1940 Indian Chief ,1936 to 1940 Four, 1938 to 1940 Sp Scout, 1939 Jr. Scout Horn Cover Acorn Nuts

Price: $6.00 USD
ID: 122A

All Nuts and washers are stainless steel122A


All Twins Chief Cylinder Base Nuts and Lock Washers

Price: $28.00 USD
ID: 129A

Nuts are cad plated with stainless steel lock washers.129A


1934 to 1953 Chief and 1934 to 1942 Four Sprocket Rivets ( 13 each )

Price: $14.00 USD
ID: 127A


Sprocket Rivets

Brake Light Switch Like Original 1938 to 1953 Chief, Sport Scout, Four and 741.

Price: $60.00 USD
ID: 126

Comes with stainless steel screws, washers and spring.126

Brake Light Switch & Cover

Brake Light Switch Cover , Backplate and Screws

Price: $$20.00 USD
ID: 140

Cad plated cover and back-plate with stainless steel fasteners.140

Brake Light Switch & Cover

Early teens Side Car Door Decal 4″

Price: $10.00 USD
ID: 129

1912 to 1916 Indian Motorcycle side car water transfer decal. This decal will need to be clear coated. Decal measure 4″.129


Cylinder Base Gasket 1935 to 1953 Chief Sold in Pairs

Price: $16.00 USD
ID: 139


Cylinder, Gaskets