48Indian a limited Indian Motorcycle parts website for the early teens to 1953 Indians. Reproduction to original used parts. Some parts we make or piece together. We have been into the Springfield Indians since 1985. We met many Indian factory employees, most of whom have past on, who were very interesting to listen to when they'd start talking of their working days at the Indian factory. Anything we can help you with feel free to e-mail us.

#38A Brass Spark Plug Thumb Nuts. Will fit New Spark of Today With 8-36 Thread. $4.00 Pair

Brass 136AThumb nuts will fit todays spark plugs thise are 8-36 thread.

Spark Plug Terminals

Wall Art 1903 Harley Davidson (Sold)

Wall Art 1915 Cyclone (Sold)

Wal Art 1903 Flying Merkel (Sold)

Wall Art 1915 Pope (sold)

Wall Art 1915 Excelsior (Sold)

Pair of Brass Terminals With old Style 7mm Orange Copper Strand Wires. 24″ Long. $30.00.

Orange spark plug wires with old style brass terminals. Wires are 24″ long.owt2

Spark Plug Terminals, Wires

3 – 1936 to 1953 7mm Distributor Rubber Boots. $2.00

1936 to 1953 7mm Spark Coil Rubber Boot. $1.00 Each.

1936 to 1953 7mm Spark Plug 90 Degree Metal Terminals. $3.00 Pair