48Indian a limited Indian Motorcycle parts website for the early teens to 1953 Indians. Reproduction to original used parts. Some parts we make or piece together. We have been into the Springfield Indians since 1985. We met many Indian factory employees, most of whom have past on, who were very interesting to listen to when they'd start talking of their working days at the Indian factory. Anything we can help you with feel free to e-mail us.

32 A. Wire Harness Clip. Fastens Under Seat Post. Polish Stainless $5.00

Main Wire Harness Clip Fits under seat post left side Frame. Polish Stainless.

Clips, Wires

1948 to 53 Chief Instrument Paniel Chrome With Rubber Trim Screws and Red Generator Jewel $154.00

New instrument panel with rubber gasket , stainless stell screws and generator red lens jewel. Chrome plated. Only one left.48 53 dash2

48 53 dash3


1948 to 1953 Indian Chief voltage Regulator $130.00

Not tested with a generator but has good continuity on both coils. Cover needs paint. Carbon resistor has been replaced.volt1volt2






Voltage Regulator

28 inch by 3 inch Coker Clincher Tires Like New Use Verry Little $160.00

These are 28 inch by 3 inch Coker clincher tires. Used on a 1910 Indian to roll it around till reiteration was complete. Never used on the road at all. These tires are over $220.00 each new.
These are 283





Pair of Brass Terminals With old Style 7mm Yellow Copper Strand Wires 24″ Long. $30.00. Thumb nut not included.

If longer length is needed let us know. May be added charge depending on the length. ospt

Spark Plug Terminals, Wires

Rajah nickel Plated Terminals With old Style 7mm Orange Copper Strand Wires 24″ Long. $30.00

If you need the wires longer let us know. There may be add charge depending on the lengthnickel


Spark Plug Terminals, Wires

Original Early Scout Kick Starter Lever. 12 Teeth. $250.00. This is not a reproduction.

1948 to 1953 Instrument Panel With Rubber trim, Generator Jewel and Screws. $145.00

1940 to 1953 Tool Box with screws , Decal,Lock and Keys. $115.00

This tool box will need paint.tb1tb2

Tool Box

Pin. 1929 101 Indian Scout. $6.00